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Too Big To Feel

As more and more stories like this one emerge, I lose yet another fistful of faith in our political system. We may be going to the polls and voting, and that may make us feel like we have some control – but in reality, Big Business is who’s in control.

How could situations like this persist if Big Business did NOT own the law-makers and keepers of the land? And who are these people that dream up these schemes to leverage and profit from the misfortunes of others? How do they sleep at night? Probably, really well. 🙄

Too Easily Fooled By “Too Big To Fail”

call centerOffshoring, outsourcing of jobs: U.S. jobs continue to flow overseas – latimes.com.

“President Obama has complained that the U.S. tax system encourages companies to invest and hire abroad, but a bill that would have ended certain tax credits and deferrals to companies expanding or moving overseas was voted down in the Senate last week.”

Why in God’s name are companies getting tax credits and deferrals to put Americans out of work? WHY? And why has our current Senate neglected to correct this matter?

And while I’m frothing at the mouth, I’d like to point out that it should have been a condition for accepting bailout money – “Too Big To Fail” should have been made to promise that they would not hire anywhere but the United States for X many years.  Yes, years.  After all, it was American taxpayer dollars that bailed ’em out – why should anyone but American taxpayers benefit? Violators should go to jail – the entire board, hard time, no parole.

We’ve been had, I’m afraid – had and used. And our politicians, it is clear, will not represent our interests and will not help us. It doesn’t matter who is voted into office. “Too Big To Fail” owns enough of them to get their way. The rest of us get to bend over.