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America, get your geek on!

Apple-AT&T: Hints of Strain – BusinessWeek.

Not sure what the big deal is here.  The experience described in this article has not been my own experience with AT&T.  I can send MMS now – well, I haven’t tried video, but definitely photo MMS is working fine, or else I would not be able to send photos from my phone to Facebook.  I never have a problem with coverage, except this one spot on Captiva where EVERYONE has a problem with coverage, whether they are with AT&T or not.  And finally, tethering is a function of an application for my phone (Nokia E71), and has nothing to do with whether or not AT&T “has” or offers tethering.

It’s true that in the USA, we seem to be horribly behind the times in terms of technology, expecially mobile phones and mobile computing.  Europe and Asia are light years ahead in terms of what is available to the consumer as well as the consumers’ technical skills.  I’m not sure, especially  with the tethering thing, why AT&T has to absorb all the fault and blame for the deficits that were highlighted by Apple.  If the consumer doesn’t like what’s being offered, they can change it.  I loved my Blackberry that came with my AT&T service, but it didn’t go far enough.  So I got an unlocked E71 off Amazon to use with my AT&T 3G, months and months before AT&T decided to offer the E71x.  A whole different world of applications and functionality opened before me once I wasn’t working under the restrictions of AT&T’s engineered handset.

The rest of America is free to do this too!  In my opinion, BusinessWeek and Apple haven’t spread the blame around enough.  Some of it is on the American public for swallowing the pablum that’s offered and not looking/thinking outside the box.  Maybe this is just another symptom of the general wail that periodically arises over education in this country as compared to overseas.  We need to become a bit more geekish – it will help to make us competitive.

An exercise in geekery

I’m a girl geek from way back in the dark ages, when the internet was either green or amber text glowing against a black screen. Over dial-up!

Well, I’ve got big girl toys now. This is my first attempt to post using WordMobi, an application in beta from Nokia. I just installed it on my E71 smartphone. It uses the Python language, so I had to download and install that too. I wonder if I can attach a photo?


Wow, it let me take a photo and inserted it into the post. It did not allow me to access zoom or focus, though.

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