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“You Were Made For This”

"You Were Made For This", originally uploaded by The Single Rider.

This has been trapped inside my camera phone since August. I saw this sign across the street from my doctor’s office when I made the visit there in August to pick up lab test orders – I needed a titre test, among other things, to enroll at FGCU. I saw the sign, parked the car, and then walked back to take a photo. On the way, I annoyed a crow who was pulling at the remains of a Subway sandwich. Sorry to make you move, bud but no one owns the sidewalk!

Turns out this is a non-denominational Christian youth ministry which has been in existence since 1941. Wow. I’ve never heard of it.

I still like the message, because I think it applies to me. I do tend to lead a “young life”. Oh, I’ve behaved like a responsible, adult contributor to society. But I also collect dolls and toys and Disney DVDs. My favorite Disney character is one who lives in a world where no one has to grow up. I don’t have any of the responsibilities that adults with children have, and for that reason, there may be a piece of me that never will truly grow up. If I think too long and hard about what life would have been like had I even ONE little life depending upon me for eternity, I break out in hives.

Yup, I was made for the life I chose, no question. As challenging as it has been, the alternative would have only meant misery and despair for me – and whatever little peeps I’d have been responsible for *shudders*. Yep, I’m where I’m supposed to be in this department. Of this, I am absolutely certain.

Of course, I don’t know jack about anything else…