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What, no “Aunties Day”?!? Hallmark! Por quoi?

Botanics BreakSomeday, I hope Hallmark or some entity of equal authority and importance declares an official Happy Aunties Day. Think of the revenue to be generated, the mushy commercials hawking tchotchkes, the poets plucked from the ranks of the unemployed, all penning tributes to the woman with all the disposable income. She’s been focused on spending it on the progeny of her siblings all these years. Why does no one pander to the PANKs, I wonder? Oh, that’s “Professional Aunt, No Kids” but I can’t take credit for it. I just can’t remember where I read it.

An aunt is not quite a mother, not quite a sister, not quite a friend. An aunt is an aunt. My definition of “aunt” is about refuge and breathing room.

  • If I see you maybe heading the wrong way, I won’t continually harass and try to bend you to my will. I’ll just make my point and then leave you alone. You’ll give my opinion more weight because it was delivered without the dynamics of control.
  • I won’t let you pay for anything; if you pick it up and admire it, I’m buying it for you.
  • When you come to visit me, I’ll do your laundry, twice – once when you arrive with it dirty in your suitcase, and once just before you leave, so you don’t have to do it when you get back to your crazy life.
  • I will let you sleep as much as you want. It’s your vacation.
  • I will cook! I will serve only high nutrition, low-fat food but you will not notice that it’s not junk because it’s delicious.
  • I will set a good example for you by running on the treadmill in your presence, expressing my hard-won, middle-of-the-road values through actions and by never putting up with a selfish man’s bullshit. Also, by demonstrating that life can be fabulous with or without marriage and children. Your life, your choice, nobody else’s.
  • I will hand you the car keys sans safety lecture; if the good Lord and the State of New York both saw fit to grant you a driver’s license, who am I to doubt your abilities behind the wheel?
  • I will encourage you to be better than everyone at what you do best.
  • I will make it clear to you what information I will and will not divulge to your father, BEFORE you tell me.
  • I won’t embarrass you on your Wall unless you flat out deserve it. And you know what you have to do to deserve it. So if you don’t want to be embarrassed, either block me or don’t behave that way in public! Your choice. I still love you. <3

There. Don’t aunts deserve their own official Hallmark occasion?

And don’t you wish I was YOUR aunt? 🙂


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The first couple of times I rode Spaceship Earth in EPCOT last week, there was something wrong with the interactive screen in my vehicle, so I didn’t really get a future to speak of.

In this one, they gave me a blonde cartoon chick as a business partner, since I was by myself in the vehicle. She seems agreeable enough, but I think she should lose the hair bow.

Anyhow, I’m going to have a grand career, designing surf boards from the comfort of my home and/or high speed magnetic commuter train. Cowabunga!

“You Were Made For This”

"You Were Made For This", originally uploaded by The Single Rider.

This has been trapped inside my camera phone since August. I saw this sign across the street from my doctor’s office when I made the visit there in August to pick up lab test orders – I needed a titre test, among other things, to enroll at FGCU. I saw the sign, parked the car, and then walked back to take a photo. On the way, I annoyed a crow who was pulling at the remains of a Subway sandwich. Sorry to make you move, bud but no one owns the sidewalk!

Turns out this is a non-denominational Christian youth ministry which has been in existence since 1941. Wow. I’ve never heard of it.

I still like the message, because I think it applies to me. I do tend to lead a “young life”. Oh, I’ve behaved like a responsible, adult contributor to society. But I also collect dolls and toys and Disney DVDs. My favorite Disney character is one who lives in a world where no one has to grow up. I don’t have any of the responsibilities that adults with children have, and for that reason, there may be a piece of me that never will truly grow up. If I think too long and hard about what life would have been like had I even ONE little life depending upon me for eternity, I break out in hives.

Yup, I was made for the life I chose, no question. As challenging as it has been, the alternative would have only meant misery and despair for me – and whatever little peeps I’d have been responsible for *shudders*. Yep, I’m where I’m supposed to be in this department. Of this, I am absolutely certain.

Of course, I don’t know jack about anything else…

She’s a brunette, by the way

10082010950.jpg, originally uploaded by The Single Rider.

I googled Mary Quant – she practices what she preaches!

I don’t happen to think that God gave me the right hair color. I look so much more natural with the one I invented with my colorist after chemo. I am way too pale for ashy-brown-dishwater-blond hair. Pretty much everyone I’ve asked agrees that strawberry blond was the way to go for me.

There’s this school of thought that says that you should accept yourself the way you are and that everyone else should, too. But I disagree. I think we are all empowered to change what we don’t like about ourselves, to improve, to grow. Let’s face it, we have precious little control over anything else in life but we are ALL masters of our own destiny. We can ALL make ourselves over in our OWN image.

Too few people, especially women, realize that it’s within their power to reinvent themselves either continually or until they are satisfied. I think it’s one of the things I have loved about Madonna over the years. Self-reinvention has become something of lifetime practice for her. We never, EVER have to settle if we don’t want to. We are all lumps of clay in our very own hands.

Start sculpting 🙂

(took a picture of that in a magazine and now I cannot remember which – pretty sure it was either Real Simple or else it was O.)

A definite “memo from the universe”

102320091313-WDW-DAK-Expedition-Everest-Single-Rider🙂 It’s a little extreme and a little too inclusive of gratuitous sexual references – especially the ending, which is neither here nor there with regard to the Law of Attraction.

However, as stumbling across the interwebz goes, it’s a definite “memo from the universe”. You can have what you imagine! I especially like the liberation of the people at the desks whose brains are tethered to gawd knows WHAT. 🙂

It won’t be long now…

I just KNEW “something” was coming – Mars retrograde in Leo

Believe in the beaty of your dreamsYep. It started on December 20th and it doesn’t end until March 10th – it’s the winter of my discontent! Actually, I think some leaked backwards a day or so. Recall that I was not able to get outta Dodge on Saturday December 19th because of the blizzard that struck the northeast, and I had to cool my jets down here in Florida until Tuesday the 22nd. This shortened my trip to Da Loverly Isle of Long considerably, so much so that I was able to leave half my clothes home but I missed seeing a lot of my friends.

Because the Earth and Mars orbit the Sun at different speeds, there are times when Mars *appears* to be moving backwards. When this retrograde happens – and it’s happening IN MY SIGN, I might add – we can tend toward hesitation when it comes to asserting our desires.

So what am I supposed to be doing right now? I’m supposed to be manifesting. That is to say, I am supposed to be dictating my desires to the Universe and the Universe is supposed to say, “Your wish is my command!” and deliver unto me all that I want.

What if I don’t know what I want? Well, I guess the Universe won’t know what to deliver. A fine mess, I must say. Yet, according to Cafe Astrology, now is the time to be introspective. I dunno, is it just me – does anyone else think I’m a little TOO introspective to begin with? 😀 Seriously, it says that I’m to examine my modus operandi for getting what I want, to take some time for reflection, maybe get a little extra rest. It’s one of those enforced rest periods, like when your body decides you’ve been running too long, too hard so it shuts you down with the flu or something. There, now you HAVE to rest!

So if I’m reading this right – the Universe actually endorses this period during which I do not vigorously pursue what I want, because it wants me to reflect and understand and be SURE that what I’m asking for is really what I want.

That fits. I am surprisingly calm, so calm that I cannot muster up a great lot of surprise, actually. Cataclysmic change is occurring at work, which tends to affect the the entire rest of one’s life. Work supports our existence habit. If work is altered, in quality, quantity, proximity, any manner of dimensions, then so is our way of life.

So, this retrograde, period-of-rest thing lets me off the hook nicely on a number of fronts. It tells me that my instincts, at least, are in line with the heavens. For instance, I’ve been told that I need surgery on my sinuses or I’ll just keep getting one sinus infection after another. I hesitated, I walked out of that doctor’s office, even though I liked him (he hates Neti pots!) and had a good feeling about his motivation. I have not made a decision, and I don’t feel any especial impetus to do so any time soon.

Another thing – ever since the changes at work were announced, I’ve watched others scramble out of self-preservation. I used up Monday and Tuesday of last week to scrape a few people off the ceiling. Why is everyone so panicked while I’m so calm? This is the most unusual thing in the world that is happening right now. Everyone BUT me is taking action of some sort. It’s usually the other way around. I’m usually the one who makes things happen. Now, not so much. I’m going to LET things happen instead. They told me what was to happen, and my firmest instinct murmured, “Good. Bring it.” It’s pretty loud, for a murmur. So I’m just going to let it happen. I’m going to let it roll over me like a roaring wave, the kind that brings treasure to the beach.

I’m a treasure. I’m going to land on some beach! That’s kind of exciting, don’t you think? 🙂