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For my friend Jen


I was browsing a shop on Sanibel Island called “Pandora’s Box” – you would LOVE this place – and upstairs, where they have all the greeting cards, I came across this one. And it instantly made me think of you because it was labeled “Kindred Spirits”. So I surreptitiously snapped a shot to show you, then promptly forgot all about it. I attribute this to my advanced age and the onset of CRS (Can’t Remember Shineola).

Someday, we’ll have a drink! And I think you should peddle your wares to Pandora’s Box because actually, the fabulous things you make would fit like a glove there.

America, get your geek on!

Apple-AT&T: Hints of Strain – BusinessWeek.

Not sure what the big deal is here.  The experience described in this article has not been my own experience with AT&T.  I can send MMS now – well, I haven’t tried video, but definitely photo MMS is working fine, or else I would not be able to send photos from my phone to Facebook.  I never have a problem with coverage, except this one spot on Captiva where EVERYONE has a problem with coverage, whether they are with AT&T or not.  And finally, tethering is a function of an application for my phone (Nokia E71), and has nothing to do with whether or not AT&T “has” or offers tethering.

It’s true that in the USA, we seem to be horribly behind the times in terms of technology, expecially mobile phones and mobile computing.  Europe and Asia are light years ahead in terms of what is available to the consumer as well as the consumers’ technical skills.  I’m not sure, especially  with the tethering thing, why AT&T has to absorb all the fault and blame for the deficits that were highlighted by Apple.  If the consumer doesn’t like what’s being offered, they can change it.  I loved my Blackberry that came with my AT&T service, but it didn’t go far enough.  So I got an unlocked E71 off Amazon to use with my AT&T 3G, months and months before AT&T decided to offer the E71x.  A whole different world of applications and functionality opened before me once I wasn’t working under the restrictions of AT&T’s engineered handset.

The rest of America is free to do this too!  In my opinion, BusinessWeek and Apple haven’t spread the blame around enough.  Some of it is on the American public for swallowing the pablum that’s offered and not looking/thinking outside the box.  Maybe this is just another symptom of the general wail that periodically arises over education in this country as compared to overseas.  We need to become a bit more geekish – it will help to make us competitive.

An exercise in geekery

I’m a girl geek from way back in the dark ages, when the internet was either green or amber text glowing against a black screen. Over dial-up!

Well, I’ve got big girl toys now. This is my first attempt to post using WordMobi, an application in beta from Nokia. I just installed it on my E71 smartphone. It uses the Python language, so I had to download and install that too. I wonder if I can attach a photo?


Wow, it let me take a photo and inserted it into the post. It did not allow me to access zoom or focus, though.

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Having a life and still being successful

How Women Are Redefining Work and Success – BusinessWeek.

Found this article in BusinessWeek and realized I had stuff to say about it!

They yearned for a path to success based on results, not hours clocked.”  This resonates with me because I have felt the pressure to stay online until the boss logs off, regardless of whether or not there was any work that was pressing enough to dig into MY time.  And yes, at my rung on the ladder, overtime is MY time, which I generously donate to the Firm on occasion.  How much and how often can be the result of a trickle-down effect.  If the boss is doing it, the worker feels some obligation to do it, too.  If the boss talks about having a life and leaves early sometimes to attend a school function, the workers will feel comfortable doing that too.

All of you who are The Boss, remember this – you are leading by example!  If you want your staff to be well-rounded and able to perform at peak, you must model the right behavior, the behavior that says it’s not only OK to have a non-work life, it’s mandatory.

burnout and the “enormous lattitude to move sideways, backward, in and out” – I might be one of the few downshifting success stories at the Firm.  Normally, one would have to change firms if they wanted to downshift, but I was fortunate enough to have management that recognized burnout didn’t mean I wasn’t any good to them any more.  It meant I needed to not work so much any more, to put some perspective back into my life, to have the luxury of down time.

So rather than try and get them to conform to rules and guidelines from the 1950s, we should listen to them, and let them lead the way for what this future will look like.” – I don’t see this happening in the current environment.  Jobs are not plentiful.  It’s not like the worker has another place to go, at least not easily or readily.  The worker will have to conform to the mores of the workplace, whatever decade those mores are from, or they will be fired and replaced with one of the thousands poised to step over the bodies and take their places.  In a less competitive environment, the workplace might very well need to conform, but as things stand, I think the workplace will continue to be “my way or the highway”.

additional expectations of the single rider – Yes, it happens.  We, the single and childless of either gender, are often expected to pick up the slack.  I’ve actually been told, “Well, it’s not like you have to pick up the kids or anything like that” – as if that’s any more legitimate than my own non-work priorities and obligations.

backlash against telecommuting – currently happening in my firm, and the reason I won’t be transferring back into the technology group any time soon (I’m currently in corporate finance).  Apparently, there was a moonlighting incident.  So now, in the tech org, all of the “outlyers” (yes they actually call us telecommuters that!) are slowly being brought back into the offices.  This incurs cost – real estate, phone lines, LAN connections all cost money.

Honestly, I view the moonlighting thing as a management problem, not a telecommuting problem.  How could you not know that your people aren’t on the job?  How can you not know that they are not producing the way they should be producing?  Still, management has become allergic to telecommuting, and removing this as an option is going to throw people back into imbalance between work and home life.  When I started telecommuting full time in 2005, I was able to reclaim four hours of my life a day.  FOUR HOURS.  A DAY.  Incredible, isn’t it?  I cannot imagine going back to that old life.  Ever.

Why Facebook = suckage

There is someone who friended me on Facebook who is unfortunately associated with a period in my life that was characterized by emotional upheaval and bad decisions that amounted to bad behavior on my part. I have huge regrets about the choices I made back then, which resulted in pain for someone I loved, who loved me. Casual reconnection with this person on Facebook has also served to reconnect me with those emotions. I would have much preferred to keep them in the past.

I’m aware that this would have happened as the result of a high school reunion too, but there’s a major difference. This stuff was MEANT to fade, and if it surges to the forefront again briefly as a result of a class reunion, well that’s a finite event that has a beginning and an end. The end facilitates the fading of these feelings into obscurity once more.

Facebook, however, has become a 24/7/365 reminder that I’m not his forever best girl, that there will be no “some day” for me – he’s been having “some day” with someone else for lo these many years. And regardless of whose doing that was – or perhaps because it was my own damned fault – it still hurts. It hurts as much as it did one night in the summer of 1979 when I realized, too late, what I’d done and what it had cost us both.

Since I’m otherwise enjoying Facebook as a fun and efficient way to keep up with my posse, I am loathe to abandon it simply because this one thing about it sucks. An unfriending might cause drama, which I’d rather not do. Barring those two options, I don’t think there’s anything I can do, any action I can take, to alleviate the situation, to push back the flood of emotions and stuff them back into the dark recesses of memory from whence they came.

Maybe this is one of those things that I just have to let suck until it doesn’t suck any more.

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