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When they hurt you at the dentist, you have to comfort yourself

NONE of this is in my nutritional repertoire lately, but I became oddly challenged on Thursday when I arrived at the dentist and discovered they intended to scale and plane my ENTIRE (admittedly scant) collection of teeth all at once. Previously, this equivalent of water-boarding torture (yes, it is!) has been perpetrated upon me one side at a time, the theory being that you can always chew on the other side. This time, I’m out of sides so soft foods that will tempt me are the order of the day. Especially looking forward to the Toy Story macaroni and cheese – I doubt there is anything in that box that qualifies as actual FOOD, but it’s SOOOOO good! And I want to see what the little green men look like while they’re sporting cheesy yellow-orange 😉

When Positive Thinking Creates Unnecessary Stress – Mind Hacks – Lifehacker

When Positive Thinking Creates Unnecessary Stress – Mind Hacks – Lifehacker.

Hah!  I knew it – perpetual positivity is not healthy! Well, I “knew” it for a different reason, actually. I think there’s a fine line between maintaining a positive attitude and denying reality. As the article points out, there are some situations from which lemonade cannot be made. Think serenity prayer – one must have the wisdom to know the difference. Think Kenny Rogers – one must know when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em. Sometimes walking away IS the lemonade.

At long last, treadmill!

Sole F80 Treadmill
Sole F80 Treadmill
Well, it’s about time! Firstly, everyone who knows me would tell you that I agonize, sometimes for years, over major purchases. If I contemplated relatively minor purchases even one tenth as intensely, I would not have needed a second shoe rack…. Secondly, getting it here was MAJOR drama because of “FREE super-saver shipping”. Whaddaya want for nothing? Ya gets what ya pays for.

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Healthcare is a consumable, let’s act like consumers

Why aren’t medical practices being run like consumer businesses?

Why should I pay in full BEFORE services are rendered?  Do I hand over my money to Publix supermarket and walk out of there without my groceries?  Do I pay Toyota BEFORE they fix my car? Of course not!  So, why should I pay the dentist in advance, when I’m not going to walk out of there today with my crown?

And why do we need insurance, anyway?  Insurance is nothing more than legalized gambling.  The insurance company is betting that the consumer will not get sick, and the consumer is betting that they WILL get sick. And isn’t that just putting negative karma into the universe? If you EXPECT to get sick and prepare to get sick won’t you … get sick?

We would not need insurance if the rates were reasonable and competitive. Why is there no competitive pricing from which consumers can choose? “Crazy Dr. Eddie – his prices are IN-SANE!” (I think only people from the northeastern USA who grew up in the 60s and 70s will get that reference). If competitive pricing were in effect, we’d be able to afford doctors and surgery and dentistry without insurance, and without taking out a second mortgage… that is, if we can even qualify for a mortgage these days.

Medical professionals say they have to charge so much because a) they owe so much in student loans, and b) malpractice insurance. Again with the freakin’ insurance! If it wasn’t so easy to sue people these days, they wouldn’t need the freakin’ malpractice insurance! And if education wasn’t so exorbitantly expensive, they wouldn’t have quite so much in student loans.

What the world really needs right now is for someone to find and push the global economic reset button.