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When Life Hands You Lemons, Take A Monorail Shot

After filling up at the Car Care Center, I drove down the road to EPCOT. The CMs were filling in the rows in the parking lot from the far end to the near end. I missed being at the near end by two vehicles! and had to drive to the far end. This displeased me greatly, but remembering that I get to choose how I react to things, I started walking and I also started looking for lemonade.

This is the canal that separates the DISCOVER lot from the JOURNEY lot at EPCOT. As I passed under the monorail tracks, I realized that if I stood there for a few minutes, lemonade would be forthcoming.

Like the monorail, the Universe is incapable of disappointing. We just ignore it a lot, preferring to be grouchy and blinded to all the lovely, deliciously refreshing lemonade that abounds.

Go forth and pucker 😉

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I am at the Magic Kingdom today

… and I just might need to make a purchase 🙂

There is a lot to be said for feeling free enough to choose, for not feeling trapped by obligation, for not making decisions based upon what some rule book says, but on what your heart says when it speaks to you.

What a conccept!

Speak, heart! Or sit up, roll over, do anything but beg or play dead!

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What part of “overkill” don’t you understand?

I followed this van into the parking field at Disney’s Animal Kingdom this morning. You think maybe they’re pro-lifers much? 😉

We parked side by side and as soon as the van’s doors slid open, a pile of kids spilled out. I counted five but there were more strapped into car seats inside. They all appeared to be under the age of ten.

I believe the parents were in their mid-30s. The father was rail thin and prematurely gray. His lips were pressed together as he went about the grim business of unfurling strollers. The mother was bloated and harassed. She started bitching at one kid or another the second her battered Keds hit the pavement. The kids have names like "Noah" and "Miriam" (hint: if a random stranger knows your kids’ names, that means you’re picking at them too loud or too much – possibly both).

Fine. You’ve got beliefs and you’re passionate about them. Are you happy, though? Is your mirthless, mean behavior at all Christ-like? Just askin’…

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Table For One – Deal With It

i’m at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. I found a table in the shade at which to chow down some lunch. Some guy wanted me to move so he and his family could have this table. The only other tables that are open are in the sun. "I’m sorry, I can’t do all that direct sun" I told him – and he got pissed off and said I was selfish.

Why, yes – yes I am. And so are you. But at least I’m not asking anyone to suffer harm or even inconvenience in my quest to care for myself. You, on the other hand…

I was nice, but if I keep getting the evil eye and loud remarks, from his table in the sun, someone’s gonna go all Noo Yawk on his ass.

It might not even be me – Chez Bro will be here soon 🙂
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Using Our Powers For Good

Using Our Powers For Good

Using Our Powers For Good, originally uploaded by The Single Rider.

I think about the differences between those who know technology sufficiently to apply it and manage it versus those who actually invent it. Always and immediately, I come to the conclusion that I am not one of the inventors. I am a manager.

How do we USE this XYZ bit of technology to do what we’re doing better/smarter/faster? How will it ease our burdens and contribute toward continuous process improvement? Those are the things I am good at, my business "superpowers".

I would like to find a way to use my powers for good. Instead of putting money in the pockets of the already-wealthy, I would love to somehow be of benefit to those who are helpless under the big business reign of terror…

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