You look mahvelous

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I saw this on Facebook and it made me laugh. And then, I realized that I don’t have a mirror.

The majority of women I know live with someone, typically a partner or else their kids. There is always someone in the house to help zip them up the back, fasten a bracelet, or provide a response to " How do I look?".

Me, I get to do all of that myself, and answer my own "How do I look?" type questions. I always respond a la Billy Crystal’s Fernando – "You look mahvelous, dahling!"

Actually, even if I did have a "mirror" living here with me, I am not sure that I would ever ask him how I look. I mean, what’s the poor guy going to say? "OMG, you look like shit and I don’t want to be seen with you"? Way to never get laid again as long as you live LOL ;). I would not pick a stupid guy, so he’d ALWAYS say "You look fine", which is a safe answer that gives me absolutely no useful information. They say "fine" because it is neither "like shit" nor "awesome, let’s skip the party", which is actually something that is said well before "How do I look?", if it’s true.

No, I don’t think I would ever ask. I’d wait to be invited to skip the party. If no such in invitation is forthcoming, I’d just assume that I look "fine" and leave it at that.

7 thoughts on “You look mahvelous”

  1. Well I never really needed a response to “How do I look?” because I own a full length mirror plus a hand-held one to look into the full length mirror to see the reverse of me.

    As to getting a back zipper done up or help with fastening a bracelet – well I just don’t buy anything with back zips or bracelets. There. Done.

  2. I have spent a lifetime NOT telling myself I look mahvelous, or even fine, so I loved this post! I might just pick up some sticky letters so that my mirrors can talk back to my critical inner self.

  3. This is awesome…”I’d wait to be invited to skip the party”. 🙂 I don’t ask either. I know I look like shit… amazed my husband still looks at me the same was as I quit “grooming” years ago. I’m frumpy and half the time haven’t had a shower so I really know the answer. You teach me lots of things about what I would gain (or miss) by being single. Interesting to contemplate.

    1. @Gayle, you do NOT look like shit – and you just need to start carving out that 15 minutes of “me time” for yourself. Make it sacred. You can do this. You find minutes for everyone and everything except for Gayle. You are worth 15 minutes. Take the dog and go! <3

    2. @Gayle, and PS, do you ever check your email? Cause I sent you something a while back, on the day you mentioned Elton John records on FB….

  4. @Mari, oddly and strangely enough, I do not have a full length mirror, nor have I ever owned one. Friends staying over complain bitterly over the lack. I don’t miss it, for then I shall know how I REALLY look lol

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