A singular mystery: whodunnit?

SingleRiderThe thing about living alone is, if something gets lost or broken or relocated or otherwise altered, there is no one else to blame. It has to have been me whodunnit.

Within the last week, two pieces of strangeness have occurred:

1. There is a lamp on each nightstand in my bedroom and I noticed one of the bulbs was burnt out. So I went to replace the bulb, but it actually wasn’t burnt out – it was unscrewed. Not a little bit, but a LOT. It disturbed me, but I tightened it and put the new bulb back in the closet.

The mystery of the cobalt plate2. I have a cobalt and sunflower “set” of FiestaWare. Four cobalt cups, four sunflower cups. Four cobalt cake plates, four sunflower cake plates. Etc. I am anal enough to stack them in the cupboard in alternating order, and also in the dishwasher, so they come out in alternating order. So the other day, I noticed that I used two yellow dinner plates in a row. I noticed because I went to put it in the dishwasher, and there was no blue one to alternate it with. I went to investigate and there are only three cobalt plates. I have turned the house upside down. Only three cobalt plates.

Did I break a plate and forget? That’s not really likely – I’d be out of here like a shot to get a new cobalt plate (Old Tyme Pottery to the rescue!). Did I loosen the bulb myself – for what reason, I couldn’t tell ya – ? Will I find the plate during my upcoming/ongoing decluttering project, squirreled away in some odd spot for some really, really good but forgotten reason? Is this the beginning of Alzheimers? Am I sleepwalking? Or do I have an invisible roomate? I have not had any guests here in quite a while – all of my friends live either on Sanibel or else much closer to it than I do. They all want to be on the island, not out in Lehigh.

This is strange. And I’m really annoyed about the plate, because now I have two yellows in a row. Dammit.

So. Who else has a mystery of this ilk to share? Please, share! Make me feel better! Like, I’m not going crazy, like my house is NOT possessed or worse! PLEASE SHARE!

4 thoughts on “A singular mystery: whodunnit?”

  1. First of all, start with yellow,end with yellow. No two in a row. (If I lived alone my stuff would be the same way… I like all the labels of my canned food facing forward… what was that movie? But I live with ppl who don’t notice so I have given up…but I’d be just like you if it weren’t for the other six ppl in my house).

    Secondly, do you have a history of sleep walking? I have sleep walkers. It’s plausible.

    Last…let’s go with sleep walking because 1. if you are losing your mind no one is around to help you find it and 2. the only other solution would be an intruder and you live alone….I don’t want to freak you out.

    I did get lost in the parking lot yesterday for five minutes. Even my daughter was no help. We were completely on the wrong side. It happens. We do forget… I think you feel asleep reading and reached up and unscrewed the bulb. Asleep you didn’t even notice you were burning yourself. The plate is in the garage or somewhere even more obvious and when you find it you will feel silly.

    Can’t wait for an update on this one.

  2. No, I do not have a history of sleepwalking. I snore like a freight train, allegedly – and I say “allegedly” because I only have hearsay to go on. I am asleep and therefore do not hear any snoring 😉 But no sleepwalking. This leaves mind-loss, poltergeists or actual flesh-and-blood intruders, the kind who like to steal a plate, unscrew your light bulb, and call it a night. Still mystified…


  3. As you know, in order to remember something, you first have to pay attention.

    However, knowing that little nugget of information doesn’t help you find your plate.

    I wonder if you took a plate of something (cupcakes? 😀 ) to a friend’s house to share and left it there. Or…maybe your plate ran off with the singleton socks from the dryer. Or…or…or maybe the dish ran away the spoon! 😀

    1. @Mari, I have still not located the plate. I did go to Old Tyme Pottery to seek a replacement, but they no longer have actual FiestaWare there, so their cobalt blue plates would not match. I’ll source it on the interwebz somewhere.

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