You REALLY know you’re single when…

You have a cold aka "the plague", but you don’t know that you are well on your way to losing your voice until someone calls! I knew I was clearing my throat and coughing a bit, but I was also singing along with something this morning, so not being able to speak clearly by 6PM-ish was something of a shock. If other people lived here, I might have found out sooner. I am not sure of what value finding out sooner would have been.

I have lots of work travel the next three weeks and this is rather inconvenient. I think it might be a Memo From The Universe but that is a different post for a different blog… Pray for me!

2 thoughts on “You REALLY know you’re single when…”

  1. Well here it is…what?…about 2 months and 10 days after this post and I hear you have the crud again. Sheesh. Sorry about that old bean. Hope you are feeling better soon.

    May 14

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