The “Who Am I?” Litany

Does anyone really know the answer to the question “Who am I?”.

It annoys me. I’m supposed to define myself by the roles I play, I guess, and by my interests. All the while I’m reciting this litany (it’s the first question you ask yourself when practicing meditation), I have the feeling that this isn’t all there is to it.

However, I am bound by earthly things owing to the fact that I’ve got this here physical body, so without further ado – The “Who Am I?” Litany commences

I suppose a daughter is the very first role I took. Mere seconds on the heels of “daughter” closely followed sister, grand-daughter, niece, cousin, great grand-daughter, great niece, and I think that takes care of the familial roles. Almost immediately, I became a Christian; quite without my knowledge (I was probably sleeping) or consent, I might add. As time progressed, I became a BIG sister, twice. And I was also a reader and a singer very early on, long before I ever went to school.

Ah, school. That’s where I learned to love being a writer and an entertainer. I was also an easy mark, as in one who is bullied because it’s incredibly easy to make her cry. Well, that used to be true. Now, not so much. At some point, I became a friend. Post-bullying, I had many, many friends. And I was also a girlfriend. After we moved away from all those friends, I became a loner, then a friend again.

For many years, I was an actor and an opera singer. I was a wife for a while, which also meant I was a sister-in-law and a daughter-in-law. Then I became a divorcee. My brothers also made me a sister-in-law, and they each made me an aunt, 5 times over in total.

For money, I was an office worker, eventually becoming a vice president. I was a techno-geek and a business manager. I was, and I still am, a breast cancer survivor. I was an organic gardener and a compost maker extraordinaire! I became a beach-comber, a shell collector. I became a Disney lover and a writer, a blogger, a photographer, a chronicler of my adventures. Oh and I was a smoker, but I quit (thank you God!).

More recently, I’ve become a a collector of unemployment, a consultant, a runner, a conservationist, a healthy living enthusiast and a practitioner of meditation.

I am ALWAYS a student, whether formally or informally.

This all actually sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? Yet I’m quite sure this is NOT all there is. There has to be more to it than simply litanizing one’s roles and interests.


5 thoughts on “The “Who Am I?” Litany”

  1. I don’t think compartmentalizing is ever simple, or even necessary. Defining yourself cannot ever possibly be a finite process, especially as you grow both in years and in wisdom. But, I appreciate your attempt.

    You forgot Mentor in your list. If I didn’t know you, I would never have made my feeble attempt at blogging. Or, even attempted to ever Tweet.

    1. No, I didn’t know! Of course, I am always glad to help (or serve as an example of what NOT to do, LOL). Thanks for that! 🙂

  2. I remember when you decided to quit smoking. I remember sending you a picture of one of the ladies on my BE forum that had quit and how dramatically different she looked. I am so proud of you for quitting!!

    The Who Am I is really tripping me up in this process. I think it’s because some of those things that defined me have disappeared from my life – partly from my pushing them away and partly from them just leaving me here. So, the easiest thing to do is ignore it or avoid it. I don’t want to face it, and I’m pissed feeling like I have to be the one to fix it when I wasn’t the one that wronged someone.

    Off to comment on the other one….

    1. @Christa, You must cut yourself a little slack. This is my third 21 Day Challenge, and I am still having a hard time with “Who Am I?”. If you make a litany, it will be easier.

      As for roles that are no more – sometimes, they are still there, lurking in the background, but they are changed and therefore not so prominent any more.

      In my quest to clear out clutter, I found an article that said, “How much of this stuff has anything to do with who you are now and who you’re becoming?” I think the same applies to relationship stuff and to the various roles we’ve played over the years. It even applies WITHIN a role – for instance, you are still a mother but you don’t carry a diaper bag any more.

      So the role changes, but does not go away. Change is hard, I know! And sometimes we don’t want it, but we get it anyway.

      Time to make some cold, delicious lemonade. Have you tried *bux passion tea lemonade? It’s delish 🙂


  3. Wise words of advice. I’m not good with change, so I guess I struggle with changing roles, too. Funny how I don’t do well with change, yet I married someone in the military and moved every 3-4 years. I’m paralyzed at the thought of moving now! Ha!

    Clutter – I really have to work on that. I am slowly making dents in some piles – filing or tossing. I’m working on that this week. Have a new mattress coming next week, so I’m working on getting the bedroom clutter put away and take off a few layers of dust. New bed, new habits! Interesting thought just popped into my head – when we moved every 3-4 years, it gave me a chance to really get rid of the clutter and start fresh. I’ve been here 10 years, and so I haven’t had that opportunity. Interesting. I have to make my opportunities to clear it out instead of waiting to move. Told you I don’t adapt well. LOL

    Love Sbux passion tea lemonade! Good stuff!

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