Table For One – Deal With It

i’m at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. I found a table in the shade at which to chow down some lunch. Some guy wanted me to move so he and his family could have this table. The only other tables that are open are in the sun. "I’m sorry, I can’t do all that direct sun" I told him – and he got pissed off and said I was selfish.

Why, yes – yes I am. And so are you. But at least I’m not asking anyone to suffer harm or even inconvenience in my quest to care for myself. You, on the other hand…

I was nice, but if I keep getting the evil eye and loud remarks, from his table in the sun, someone’s gonna go all Noo Yawk on his ass.

It might not even be me – Chez Bro will be here soon 🙂
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4 thoughts on “Table For One – Deal With It”

  1. Seriously? If it was me I’d have gone off on the guy. How dare he ask you to move. You are a paying customer who can sit wherever the hell they want to with being harassed. What a jerk! It would have been different if you would have been taking up a table just to get out of the sun, but you are eating. Some peoples sense of entitlement makes me sick. Flip him the bird and tell him it is sent special for him from Alaska!!

  2. I wish I could say it got better, but it didn’t. I was eventually told that I’m “only one person”. Uh yeah. “ONLY” one person smiled and said “fuck off” so low that no one could hear except him. Whomever heard him yell at me after that only saw me smile at him as I repeated my request, adding that my “only” one ass was staying put and he could eat it. Or not. But not at *my* table.

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