Not So Very Blind

IntoTheUnknown-2Montsegur, 1989 « Paulo Coelho’s Blog.

In the dark and clueless: CHECK
Unable to see the way before me: CHECK
Uncertain as to what lies at the end: CHECK
Actively looking for signs along the way: CHECK

Totally lacking in fear and forging ahead anyway: CHECK


I SHOULD be freakin’ terrified. I am unemployed and on my own – no fall-back position other than dwindling savings. The thought has crossed my mind that maybe the lack of fear is numbness due to depression, but that doesn’t fit because I feel other things keenly, laugh a lot, and I’m no more or less reticent about engaging than I ever was. Plus, I would probably not be questioning the depression thing if I was actually depressed. Maybe.

I am the same as I ever was – still fun-loving yet cautious, still prone to thinking things through before acting on what seems the logical course, but nonetheless leaping forward into… what?

Un-freakin’-known! 😯

5 thoughts on “Not So Very Blind”

  1. Gosh, for awhile there I thought you were in MY world, but then you forged ahead — good for you, I’ll keep reading and let you teach me!

  2. I’ve only met you once, but think you are a resourceful, resilient person.

    It seems to me that you are exactly where you need to be.

  3. yay, the cheering squad came by 🙂 Thank you, ladies. I am still mystified by my utter lack of concern for my plight. But hey, this domain name is paid up for another 18 months so at least when I’m penniless, I’ll still have all uh y’all to talk to LOL 😉


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