Pizza Worth Fighting For

IMG_0362-Ship-is-coming-in I was out walking yesterday morning and came upon some sea gulls fighting over a discarded slab of pizza – or at least what passes for pizza here in Southwest Florida. One of the birds persistently pecked at the pizza until it was light enough for him to carry it in flight. In this manner, he was able to get it away from his opponents and have it all to himself.

[pullquote]Strategy that works is definitely a competitive advantage. Just make sure that what you are fighting for is worth it.[/pullquote] This little tableau, which took less than a minute to play out, illustrated an important point for me. Strategy that works is definitely a competitive advantage. Just make sure that what you are fighting for is worth it. I mean, FLORIDA pizza? C’mon! 😉

Is there any reason I should continue to channel sincere effort toward the conventional, when it’s not really what I want? As I told a few friends recently – I’ve been praying for the wrong thing. I’ve been focusing on a job. What job should I choose? Will there be any jobs available? What if I don’t find a job? Job, job, job – wrong, wrong, wrong!

I don’t want a job. I want INCOME. I’m not saying that I don’t want to work. I’m saying that we all work for a reason, and that reason is to get some money so we can support our lives. So what we really, REALLY want, at the very core, is INCOME. A job is just ONE way of getting that.

Since I don’t really know what I want to be when I grow up, I’m confusing the Universe by asking for a job. So, let me clarify that for you, Universe.

Noo Yawk PizzaI want INCOME.

You get to decide how you’re going to deliver it to me.

And no pizza, please – not unless it was born and raised in New York 😉

5 thoughts on “Pizza Worth Fighting For”

  1. A good reminder. Let me also clarify to the universe — show me the money! I’ve always figured that people either love their job or make enough money. Almost as if they were mutually exclusive. At this point, I would settle for either.

    1. @gail, ALMOST as if? LOL, I would not be surprised if 99% of the population is in an either/or situation. Very often, our passion won’t earn us a living. That’s just the way it goes.

  2. You’re right, Erin. I’m still riding down that Egyptian river. I always thought that, given the choice, I’d choose the job I loved over the money, but I can’t even FIND a passion anymore. So Universe, please send money.

  3. I’ve never had a career, but I’ve always had a job.

    I’m ‘retiring’ very soon…retiring from full-time employment, that is. I am fortunate that my income will continue to be 70 – 75% of what my salary is. And I realize that I’m very fortunate that means I won’t have to work again if I don’t want to.

    Well, I still want to work, but only part-time. I want to continue to make some money while I am still young (mid-50’s is still young, right?) but I don’t want to work full-time.

    Right now, for me at least, it’s more about the time than the money. And I’m not going to forget – even for a moment – how very fortunate I am to be able to say that.

  4. That is a very good point. My husband has a job, but what I really want is an income that allows us the freedom to live somewhere else.

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