The Pre-Crushed Soul

The Minimalist Guide to Leaving Your Soul-Crushing Day Job.

The author points out protestations about age, about the established versus the unencumbered.  I think it’s more than that.  Anyone past their 20s has had shit happen to them.  Therefore, they come with a pre-crushed soul.  We KNOW that bad stuff can and does happen to good people.  We KNOW that happy endings are not only optional, they are rare.  Even the soul-crushing day jobs are rare birds these days. So if one cannot get one of those, what makes one think one can get a dream job?

See?  The fact that I even typed that sentence is evidence of my own pre-crushed soul.  How can you un-learn what life has taught you?  How can you un-know the certain knowledge that life sucks and then you die, and that everything else is a lie, a fantasy that you use to soothe yourself?

Defeat, thy name is “Self”.

Sorry, having a low, non-believing day.

One thought on “The Pre-Crushed Soul”

  1. Maybe there’s a point where you don’t try to un-learn it you just accept it for what it is, know that’s how it will be, move on and celebrate the little things that go right (which are few and far between). I swear everytime I turn around my life has another f*in’ crisis. I’ve decided that stressing and obsessing won’t make the crisis end so I’m just going to ignore it until it rears its ugly head and goes this way or that. If things are beyond our control there is no sense trying to control them.

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