“You Were Made For This”

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This has been trapped inside my camera phone since August. I saw this sign across the street from my doctor’s office when I made the visit there in August to pick up lab test orders – I needed a titre test, among other things, to enroll at FGCU. I saw the sign, parked the car, and then walked back to take a photo. On the way, I annoyed a crow who was pulling at the remains of a Subway sandwich. Sorry to make you move, bud but no one owns the sidewalk!

Turns out this is a non-denominational Christian youth ministry which has been in existence since 1941. Wow. I’ve never heard of it.

I still like the message, because I think it applies to me. I do tend to lead a “young life”. Oh, I’ve behaved like a responsible, adult contributor to society. But I also collect dolls and toys and Disney DVDs. My favorite Disney character is one who lives in a world where no one has to grow up. I don’t have any of the responsibilities that adults with children have, and for that reason, there may be a piece of me that never will truly grow up. If I think too long and hard about what life would have been like had I even ONE little life depending upon me for eternity, I break out in hives.

Yup, I was made for the life I chose, no question. As challenging as it has been, the alternative would have only meant misery and despair for me – and whatever little peeps I’d have been responsible for *shudders*. Yep, I’m where I’m supposed to be in this department. Of this, I am absolutely certain.

Of course, I don’t know jack about anything else…

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  1. Young Life is here in Fairbanks and my boys have been to a couple dances and a skate competition they have put on. They really aren’t the relious sort, but there is so little to do outside of sports for the teen crowd here they are drawn to whatever they are putting on.

    I’m sure you know jack….

    I always wondered what life would be like without my gaggle of children. I was just thinking of some friends who both work and have no kids left at home. What do they do? I think the quiet pace might make me nuts. I don’t know….

  2. Gayle, just before my son left home, another mother – whose children had grown – told me that it would be ‘different’. Not sad, not negative – just ‘different’. And you know, that’s exactly what it was – different. There is nothing to fear, it is not a time of sadness or loss – it is a time of serenity and gain.

    And actually, in today’s electronic age – email, cell phones, etc. – it’s a piece of cake to stay connected even if they are not physically there. 🙂

  3. There are actually 3 states of being:

    1. Those that are childfree.

    2. Those that have a child.

    3. Those that have childREN.

    As a member of group 2, only other members of Group 2 understand that there really is a difference raising 1 child (throughout their life, and not just until child #2 comes along).

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