The difference between 1986 and now

Back in 1986, I wore what a friend jokingly referred to as "the stick pants". In fact, we both wore them. It was one of the few things we had in common, that we could both wear the stick pants – size four on a 5’7" frame makes a girl look like a stick figure. I look at photos of me from that era and I want to rush right out and buy myself a cookie.

Had I received this Dove "fortune" – "Live like you are wearing your skinny jeans" – back in the 80s, I would have thought it meant that I should strut around feeling all confidently sexy and smug.

But I look at this today and I don’t think sexy ’80s, pointy-toed stilettos. I think, "Shit, I’m not going to be able to eat two bites in those jeans!" And I take them off and put on something else. Probably, it’s got an elastic waist. At my age, comfort is what counts!

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3 thoughts on “The difference between 1986 and now”

  1. Too funny! My skinny jeans have elastic waist so they were great for comfort and eating!

    Glad Gayle sent you my way and happy to visit here.

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