Blessings So Far

Blessings So FarBless me Father, for I have sinned; it’s been a month and a half since the last time I worked for a living.

I like waking up without an alarm clock and I like having the time to address diet and exercise issues. I like finally having the motivation to consult a financial planner and get my fiduciary ducks in a row. I like being able to study and learn nearly constantly. I like being able to pick a day and attack a mountain of backlog that needs shredded or filed.

In short, the blessing seems to be TIME – time I can fill with what matters to me instead of filling it with obligatory yet meaningless drivel that benefits the greedy (why do “greedy” and “needy” rhyme? Perhaps a subject for another post…)

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4 thoughts on “Blessings So Far”

  1. Oh, do I know what you mean! I’ve tried to be low-key about this (I’ve not always been successful, but I have truly tried) but it is a wonderful thing to be contemplating gaining so much time in MY life in the next few months.

    In January, I won’t be looking back as I stop working full-time and head into retirement. (Well, more accurately, it’s probably semi-retirement since I may work now and then…) But the big bonus is that my time will pretty much be my own – already I’m aware that a slight smile adorns my face most of my waking hours – especially when I’m at work.

    Short-term plans involve checking out the Phoenix area in the spring of 2011; WDW in fall 2011, and JetBlue’s annual “All You Can Jet” promotion in September 2012 (assuming they do AYCJ that year).

    To a certain degree, most things in life boil down to involving money or time… and I’m looking forward to putting the focus on time for the foreseeable future.

    It’s all good. 🙂

  2. What’s so wonderful about it is that you’ve been smart and responsible enough (or lucky enough) in your lifetime to be able to survive without working. If my husband takes one day off we suffer.

  3. Nice. And I sort of know what you mean. Even with my fiduciary ducks gasping for breath and limiting my choices, I am loving that my time belongs to me now.

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