Not enough rocks

09022010594-North-I275-Tampa-BayWritten on Thursday September 2nd 2010

Worst. Day. EVAH.

* Drove 2 hours to Tampa. The scenery is nice, so this is not terrible, once in a while. All the way up, I kept noting to myself that this was the last time that I’d pass this way on my way to the office. There will be plenty of times that I will pass at least some of that way to get to Orlando, but I’ll never go to the office again.

08222010448-Ziplocked-Career* Surrendered laptop and 19-year career, the latter of which fit neatly into a 2 quart Ziploc bag. No, I don’t still look like that. You know when that picture was taken? Back in the early 90s, I went through chemo and my hair all fell out. I flat out refused to have my photo taken for a badge because I knew I would not always be bald. So after about a year and a half, that’s how far my hair had grown out, and I consented to having the badge photo taken. I’m guessing this was early 1995!
09022010601-Guadalajara-Cantina* Went to lunch with friends at favorite local hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant
* Thought often of Lisa, whose memorial service was held today. Only I could not go, on account of having to surrender today.
* Left office and no sooner did I get on the highway then I noticed – too late – a bazillion Florida state troopers lying in wait. Speed trap!
Traffic violation
* Cop let me off with a minuscule fine compared to what he could have – I suppose because I’ve never in my 50 year life EVER been pulled over for a moving violation before. That was really nice of him. I burst into tears when he told me and confessed that I’d been laid off today. He could not have been nicer. I think I actually said to him, “I mean, could this day get any fucking worse?”. Um, yeah…
09022010604-Sunshine-Skyway* Got home, raised garage door, was prepared to drive car in, noticed the snake was back. Yes, AGAIN – the BIG-ASS snake, not one of those little pencil snakes. This is what I get for going organic – frogs fling themselves at my lighted windows each night, anoles squeeze under the screen doors and poop all over the lanai, and snakes decide to like my house best. He wasn’t moving out of the way, either. What to do – run him down with the RAV? I did that last time. I don’t want any more bad Karma. Played with lowering and raising garage door, and he got scared and slithered off into the bushes. I bet he’ll be back.
* Got online and found that a beloved member of my cyber-parrish has died after 10+ years being acutely ill. Christi is finally free of all this earth put her through. But I can’t believe we will never pray and banter and commune together ever again. Well we will, just not here.

“Sometimes, there just aren’t enough rocks.” 🙁

I shall practice what I preach. I told a friend today that loss happens to make space for new stuff to move in. Lost my job, lost my manager and mentor and friend Lisa, lost my perfect driving record, lost Christi… that’s an awful lot to lose. Whatever it is that’s coming, it must be huge 😯

Oh and I forgot to buy milk. 🙄

9 thoughts on “Not enough rocks”

  1. Well, shit, it didn’t like my cyber hug. So, I’ll repeat it without the brackets! Big huge lame-ass cyber hug!

  2. LOL! Yeah, I guess brackets mean something in HTML/CSS. Thank you for the hug. Waiting for the Sanibel Day Spa to open so I can call and see if they can do a massage today!


  3. I’d like to pat you on the back with one hand while handing you a drink with the other. 🙁

  4. whew. I just read this – congratulations/condolences. Erin it seems our lives are echoes or mirrors; maybe just particles rocked by the same rippling wave. It’s like being on a ride while blindfolded I think – it is fun, but scary, too.

    WTF happened?

    I’m holding you in my heart, sending positive uplifting and yummy thoughts (eating always makes me feel better/happy…) J

  5. Wow..I totally missed this post. I saw the FB thing about turning in a computer, but didn’t make a connection. So what are you doing now? I am so sorry. I keep hearing that our economy is being stimulated, but all I see is my friends (and us) going in the other direction. I hope there are no more rocks for you.

    Next time run the damn snake over. Snake killing and karma aren’t related. 🙂

  6. Sad to hear about your woes. I’ve been rather “KARMATOSE” myself lately. I guess we just have to pick ourselves up and shake ourselves out every once and a while…take stock of all the good things in our lives. Keep your eyes open for that silver lining! (And, yes run over that damn snake!!!)

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