For my friend Jen


I was browsing a shop on Sanibel Island called “Pandora’s Box” – you would LOVE this place – and upstairs, where they have all the greeting cards, I came across this one. And it instantly made me think of you because it was labeled “Kindred Spirits”. So I surreptitiously snapped a shot to show you, then promptly forgot all about it. I attribute this to my advanced age and the onset of CRS (Can’t Remember Shineola).

Someday, we’ll have a drink! And I think you should peddle your wares to Pandora’s Box because actually, the fabulous things you make would fit like a glove there.

3 thoughts on “For my friend Jen”

  1. ? You know what blesses me (in addition to the multitude of other delights like wit etc.) about you? It is that you think of others in your travels, and then commemorate these thoughts with engaging tidbits, thereby sending out a little positive push to the universe on our behalf. ? TY – I so look forward to our drink(s)! ? TT (Tweeted This)

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