What are your “superpowers”?

Good Vibrations Festival 2008 - SydneyWhat are your “superpowers”?
Seems it is fashionable these days to refer to one’s own best attributes as “superpowers”. I was reading “O” out on the lanai this evening when I caught just such a reference and it inspired me. I quickly grabbed a pen and paper and without too much thought, listed as many of my own “superpowers” as I could as fast as I could. I stopped at ten – here they are, in no particular order:

  1. Bangs and yellow look excellent on me.
  2. Children like me, but dogs like me more than I like them.
  3. Someone recently told me that I make people feel special.
  4. I am extraordinarily lucky at finding great parking spaces.
  5. I have an ability to rally the troops.
  6. Mostly, people like me, they really like me!
  7. I can tell a story
  8. If there’s no story to tell, I can make one up
  9. I make shit happen
  10. I can silence your screaming cockatoo with one fatal high B-flat

So, tell me – just between us
I promise I won’t tell any one –
what are YOUR superpowers?

5 thoughts on “What are your “superpowers”?”

  1. 1. I can smack you up side da head two rows back in a full-size van and not drive off the road.
    2. I can come up with your lame-ass password to your MySpace website and call you out on the shit you’ve been doin’ behind my back.
    3. I can drink a lot of beer in one sitting.
    4. I’m fat and out-of-shape, but I’d bet my last dollar I can mow a lawn better than anyone can!
    5. I can grow the most beautiful flowers from seed.
    6. I dry heave at the mention of *poop*, but I can clean up my own child without gagging.
    7. I am not afraid to speak my mind. If it makes you not like me than that will be your loss.
    8. I am exceeding calm, rational and ask all the right questions in a hospital setting.
    9. You probably cannot pull the wool over my eyes so you shouldn’t try.
    10. I can argue a point, even if I am wrong, until I win. Even if it’s because you gave up; I still won.

    I really like Erin and my FL *friends* and hope to meet them all one day.

  2. 1. I am very patient with animals, young children and old people. (All others get potluck – it depends how I’m feeling at the moment).
    2. I’m a true amateur, but I seem to have an inborn talent for graphics and such.
    3. I can “re-purpose” items – making something out of practically nothing.
    4. I can almost always read the undercurrents in any person or group of people.
    5. I can peel 5 pounds of potatoes faster than anyone I know (a skill I acquired growing up in a large family).
    6. I didn’t get my driver’s licence until I was well into my 20’s – but I’m a very good driver. This is according to just not me, but the guy who taught me defensive driving, as well as the guy who gave me my road test.
    7. I’m never late.
    8. I know the good places to eat in this town.
    9. I detest cooking and I make no apologies about it. See number 8 in this list.
    10.I can diagnose and fix most office machines when they develop problems.

  3. Wow, that is an impressive array of superpowers – I know some really superior ladies. YOU GUYS ROCK! insert clappy hands smiley here 🙂

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