Selling out – w00t!

Gonna put it in the want ads
(want ads!)
this girl’s in misery
Gonna put it in the want ads
(want ads!)
somebody rescue me….

I told mah sistas today that I’m selling out. I’m tired of the ups and downs of Corporate America, the endless cycles of re-orgs, mergers, acquisitions and the associated beheadings. I’m tired of the lies, the platitudes and the BS. I’m gonna find me a sugar-daddy, a millionaire.

WANTED: Impossibly wealthy, motherless lost boy to transform me into the SAH-Princess I was born to be. In exchange for being the only adult in the room at all times and attending to every minute detail of your existence, you must agree to participate in the hunt for seashells, be willing to provide shoe budget and support my blogging habit. DVC* a plus. Contact

Wouldn’t it be lovely if it really worked that way? 😉

Don’t mind me. I’m just grouchy because I had to work late and I’m being re-org’d again. Same old, same old.

But actually, this reminds me that I did scrawl a sort of a “want ad” to the Universe late one night several weeks ago. It’s here on the desk, somewhere. It’s on a piece of paper from a yellow legal pad. Ah ha, here it is:

What Do I Wish For?
I wish for my True Companion. With him, I feel safe and special and loved. There is a euphoria in his arms that is unmatched by all else. There is completion in our connection, a fitting-together of puzzle pieces that have long called out for and are now made whole by one another. There is laughter and healing in his company. There is fearless joy in my unabashed expression of love for him and there is gratitude for our union.

I don’t know that I’ve ever written anything before that was quite so… so sentimental and MUSHY, even. It was late. I was tired, yet sleep, that faithless, two-timing, backstabbing SOB, was not putting out for me. I guess there’s a vulnerability to late-night scribblings. But I’m pretty shocked that something like this came from MY pen. Hmmm, food for thought…

*Disney Vacation Club

7 thoughts on “Selling out – w00t!”

  1. I love your late night mushy sentiments. Maybe it’s at that time of our day that we finally let down our guard and let our true feelings finally come to the surface. How great that you were able to write them down and capture those feelings so that you could remember them later. Never be embarrassed by what you truly feel.

  2. Yo, Sno! Thanks for your kind words. A psychologist I used to know was fond of this method of “getting in touch with your feelings”, especially for those who had defensibly burried their ability to read their own emotions. She would rent a hotel meeting space and the group therapy group would stay awake the entire weekend beginning Friday night. By Sunday morning, people were having epiphanies right and left. Apparently when we are sleep deprived, our emotional walls crumble.

  3. If anyone deserves a big shoe budget and someone to hunt for seashells with, it’s you Erin.

  4. Don’t give up Cinderella! There IS a Prince Charming out there for you. Never settle for anyone less than your true match. You deserve it!

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