IMG_2529-NYC-two-ladies-in-the-harborI went grocery shopping yesterday afternoon. I was going to pick up a 1/2 gallon of milk, but all the expiration dates were 9/11, so I put it back and moved on.

What with everything else that expired on that date – most notably for me, my sense that Americans are impervious to such acts of war on their own home soil – I just couldn’t bring myself to buy something with a 9/11 expiration date.

One part of me feels like it was silly, but the overwhelming majority of me agrees with the decision and thinks the milk bottling people are going to experience a high number of unsold 1/2 gallons this week.

Has anyone else done anything similar with regard to 9/11? Would you fly on 9/11, or get married or schedule surgery on that date? Have you rescheduled or rearranged something because it would have fallen on 9/11?

Would you have bought the milk?

8 thoughts on “9/11-phobia”

  1. I can’t imagine what it must have been like that day for you. You still lived and worked in New York at the time right?

    No, I wouldn’t buy the milk. But I accidently bought some 9/11 eggs. Funny you should post this today, I was making Banana Bread for the kids less than an hour ago and I pulled out the eggs. The carton read EXPIRES 9/11.

    I remember the fear and panic that I felt that day. My older two kids were in school already when the first plane hit the Tower. As the day began to unfold we picked our kids up from school early. The Shanksville plane, Flight 93 was a mere 40 miles east of our home. The realization that it must have flown over our area was chilling. Brian Dale was on Flight 11, he was a few years ahead of me in our high school and left behind a wife and three very young children. My cousin worked at the Pentagon at the time, he had taken a vacation day on 9/11.

    I couldn’t bring myself to use the eggs, I cut the end of the egg carton off. Circled the date in red and wrote the words “Never Forget” then taped it to the fridge, so we see it every day.

  2. I was going through a bunch of old VHS tapes today that I had saved. I watched all the old General Hospital Nurses Ball ones then there were about 6 or 7 I had saved from 9/11. I started to watch them but soon found it was just too painful.

    My Japanese daughter was the one who called me that morning. Up until two weeks before, she had worked as a temp at Fuji Bank in one of the towers. Apparently, one of the planes hit right where she had worked. I’ve heard your story of that day and I can’t even imagine what it must have been like in the city that day. Or in Washington DC or in Shanksville. Not the happiest of things we want to remember but as RottenMom said, we should Never Forget.

  3. A piece of me wants to regain control over the date, so I try to ignore and push past the memories & feelings that pop up every time I hear or see it. Haven’t been all that successful I’m afraid. But maybe I shouldn’t even try.

  4. I’m phoebic about it,too. Still VERY vivid in my mind at the mere mention of the numbers (date related or otherwise.) Nope, no flights, surgery,or anything else for me that day except rememberance.

  5. RottenMom, that’s freaky that we both saw the 9/11 expiration date at the same time. I didn’t realize you were so close to the event in Shanksville – scary stuff!

    Yo, Sno – I guess I must have posted my 9/11 story to BOSC? Or else I told you in person. Either way, I feel extremely fortunate for my alarm clock picking that particular day to go haywire. And you know, I still use that very alarm clock, 8 years later…

    Annie, I don’t think I’m going to try to get over it. If it impacts my life in a huge way – say, if NOT getting on a plane on that date ends up being a career-limiting move or something like that – I will consider getting over it. But until then… I don’t want to make the effort.

    Fran, I’m with you. I get very unpleasant feelings just looking at the date in print! =8^0

  6. We had flown down to Disney from Long Island on 9/10. A phone call woke us out of bed on 9/11. Turn on the TV … we’re under attack! Sat glued to the TV for the next few hours inbetween calling family, friends, and co-workers back in NY. Our son was home on Long Island going to college at Hofstra. We had not way to get in touch with him.

    When we got home from Floria (we drove), I went right back to work in NYC. The following year I went to work in NYC on 9/11.

    I would have bought the milk.

  7. I cant stand the time 9:11 am or pm. I have to sit/stand still and stare at the clock until its 9:12. If i see the numbers together, I have a panic attack.
    I dont know why im afraid of this number. Of course 9/11 was horrible but I don’t see why it has effected me as much as it has.

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