The Law of Be Careful What You’re Attracting

IMG01000_TSRA friend directed me to some resources regarding “The Law Of Attraction”, and while I was reading there, I discovered that one of the authors had made use of a Ouija board to receive guidance. I have a healthy respect-from-a-distance for Ouija – meaning, I won’t play. No sireee bob, you cannot make me, and I will leave the premesis if a Ouija board makes an appearance.

See, I read The Exorcist when i was ten. Yes, you read that right. I was ten. I read lots of things I should not have read at that age, but The Exorcist is the story that left it’s mark on my psyche. I’m just never, ever going to stick around to watch what happens when someone pulls out a Ouija board.

I’m not at all sure that it’s true that “spirits” communicate via the Ouija board; I think it’s just as likely that the subconscious minds of the players are at work sending “messages”. But I reason that the Universe is all about balance, and *IF* there are good spirits, then there are also bad spirits. I’m pretty sure that if you open the door to the good ones, you cannot guarantee that the others won’t piggyback on in somehow, too.

Whether by Ouija or other means, if one should encounter a spirt…how would one know that it’s one of the “good guys”? How do you know it’s not an evil spirit who will take possession of your body, slap your grandma, kick the cat and burn down the neighborhood or something?

I am so bad at boyfriend radar (I have ZERO romantic radar), I shudder to think how profoundly bad I would be at spirit radar. I can just see myself going along, lah ti dah, thinking I’ve got a Seth or an Abraham communicating with or through me, and all along it’s, like, Hitler or Rasputin – or someone REALLY evil, like… nope, not going there.

So, how about you? Have you ever “gone there” with a Ouija board?
What happened? Tell me, tell me – leave me a comment!
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6 thoughts on “The Law of Be Careful What You’re Attracting”

  1. Ouija boards scare the crunch out of me, too, even though I don’t believe in it (not sure I believe in much of anything these days). The funny thing is that you can do them, with or without another person, and with your eyes closed, and they still spell stuff out. The last time I used one was in high school, lo those many eons ago, and it predicted that I would have twins by a non-husband and die as a revolutionary spy. Kept me out of politics all these years, that’s for sure! 😀 I don’t use them and don’t like to be near them either — I never read the Exorcist but I was raised in a fire-and-brimstone-fundamentalist-God-help-you-miserable-sinner church. ‘Nuff said.

  2. OMG, Gail, I am sorry, but you made me laugh! What was the name of that church again? LOL! It’s funny that we can not believe or not even be sure if we believe or not, yet they still scare us. I guess that implies belief in SOMETHING about them. Anyway, glad to know I’ve got some company.


  3. Yeah, I tried them in my younger days but I was always skeptical thinking that the other person was moving the thing. I never did it by myself or with my eyes closed so can’t comment on that. So, Gail, I want to know what questions you asked that told you would would be the husbandless mother of twins and a spy? Did it tell you what the twins were doing when you were spying? LOL. Anyway, I tend to stay far away from them now.

  4. I think we can be fairly sure what the twins were NOT doing while Gail was off spying – they weren’t amusing themselves with a Ouija board!


  5. I think I asked it who I would marry — I would have been a total bomb at spying, and I am STILL waiting for those twins, but at least I managed to be husbandless. 😀

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