An exercise in geekery

I’m a girl geek from way back in the dark ages, when the internet was either green or amber text glowing against a black screen. Over dial-up!

Well, I’ve got big girl toys now. This is my first attempt to post using WordMobi, an application in beta from Nokia. I just installed it on my E71 smartphone. It uses the Python language, so I had to download and install that too. I wonder if I can attach a photo?


Wow, it let me take a photo and inserted it into the post. It did not allow me to access zoom or focus, though.

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3 thoughts on “An exercise in geekery”

  1. Maybe it just wouldn’t let you zoom or focus when you take pictures of feet! 😀

    I don’t know where you find the time to check out the gizmos and the geekery…but glad you did.

  2. Its good to see more women embrace technology and tools to express themselves. I look forward to seeing your take on tech in the future. especially since you’re close to my age. Yea days of Pet, Vic20 (color), or other such computing in my youth still haunt me to this day as well.

  3. Wordmobi is a nice tools for mobile based blogging! 🙂 i’m using it at my nokia n82, hope it’ll be much better if i use it in any qwerty mobile.. 🙂

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